Creative Space For Lease: August Screening Finale!


Saturday, August 25 at 8pm
Creative Space For Lease
1257 E. 6th Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Featuring: Suzan Pitt, Saeborg, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Jayeon Yi, Sarah Lasley, Alex Stevens, Lizzy De Vita, Kate Ruggeri, Raza Kazmi, Justine Melford-Colegate, Jonathan Mildenberg

“Asparagus clearly represents a major achievement of contemporary animated cinema. It is a measure of its audacity profound honesty and uncompromising personal vision that it begins with an act of defecation and ends with fellatio metaphors in this instance of spent and renewed creative impulses.” – Amos Vogel Film Comment

“…the extraordinary ASPARAGUS, one of the most lavish and wondrous animated shorts ever made, an overwhelming visual experience.” –John Cannemaker

“This candy colored nightmare rocked audiences upon its release and catapulted maker Suzan Pitt to the front ranks of indie animation. Stunning cel animation propels its blank-faced Protagonist into the world of the phallus rendered here as a field of asparagus which she deep throats excretes and flushes away… The film’s stunning set piece occurs before a claymation Audience who gape as the artist opens her Medusa’s box to release rare wonders. A moving meditation on art and the cost of reproduction, Asparagus remains twenty-five years after its release a benchmark of single frame intensity.”